C.C.C.P. : Leading manufacturer of professional clothing.

suits and uniforms for employees of public and private.
Since 1977, we meet the demands of customers.

Tradition, innovation and professionalism.
The ideal partner for all industrial laundries.

Products are designed to withstand washing.
Create and design your desires.

Development of models and samples according to customer needs.
Made in Italy for the working world

Quality of materials, professional workforce, excellent in service for over 30 years.
C.C.C.P. srlSartoria Forniture Militari

Via Scopa, 4 - Fraz. Centobuchi
63096 Monteprandone (AP) Italy
Tel. +39 735/701992 - 701817
Fax +39 735/704017
Mail: info@cccpsrl.it

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