C.C.C.P. : Leading manufacturer of professional clothing.

suits and uniforms for employees of public and private.
Since 1977, we meet the demands of customers.

Tradition, innovation and professionalism.
The ideal partner for all industrial laundries.

Products are designed to withstand washing.
Create and design your desires.

Development of models and samples according to customer needs.
Made in Italy for the working world

Quality of materials, professional workforce, excellent in service for over 30 years.

Workers Presentation


Workers - Work clothes, promotional clothing, safety footwear

For industries, artisans, horeca, commercial activities, food, sports and voluntary associations

Our company has been operating for years in the supply of clothing for public sector workers, hospitals, municipal companies and large industries, using a certified ISO quality system to guarantee its work.

Workers, abiti professionali da lavoro
Workers, abiti professionali da lavoro

Taking advantage of the many years of experience in the sector, it has now decided to create a new commercial brand aimed at a series of companies in the working and associative world such as:

  • Catering (hotels, bathing establishments, restaurants);
  • Small commercial activities (food shops, hairdressing shops, wellness centers);
  • Small and medium craft activities that need work clothes (plumbers, masons, electricians, transporters);
  • Staff performing voluntary work (Civil Protection, 118, CRI);
  • Companies, groups, associations in the need for advertising material (T-shirts, polo shirts, overalls, caps);
  • Footwear for all the above categories.
Workers, abiti professionali da lavoro
Workers, abiti professionali da lavoro

Workers - Dress the job

This is a service that allows you to customize your clothing to all those who need it without minimum quantities and at affordable prices, with the added possibility of inserting your own printed or embroidered logo on clothing.

Hence the idea of WORKERS, a series of products specifically dedicated to the sectors indicated above, organized in a range that makes use of some of the most prestigious brands in the sector such as Siggi Group, Payper Wear, Base, James Ross and U-Power.