C.C.C.P. : Leading manufacturer of professional clothing.

suits and uniforms for employees of public and private.
Since 1977, we meet the demands of customers.

Tradition, innovation and professionalism.
The ideal partner for all industrial laundries.

Products are designed to withstand washing.
Create and design your desires.

Development of models and samples according to customer needs.
Made in Italy for the working world

Quality of materials, professional workforce, excellent in service for over 30 years.

Our History

The company was founded in 1977 thanks to the intuition of its 2 founders, Mr. Domenico Cameli and Mr. Gino Paoloni. In collaboration with Mr. Franco Capecci, they soon created a tailor workshop, (C.C.C.P. di Cameli e Paoloni snc), specializing in the production of tailor-made uniforms for the public sector.

In the early days, the first customers to choose the professional tailoring services of the company were the finance police and the municipal police of the Abruzzo and Marche regions.

C.C.C.P. di Cameli e Paoloni snc soon expanded its range of products, also supplying to bus companies, PRIVATE SECURITY AND SURVEILLANCE PROVIDERS and musical bands.

At the same time as production, our retail activity also took off, with the sale of new items such as knitwear, shirts, footwear and jackets.

In December 2001 the desire to hold onto the skills acquired over the years gave way to a generational shift which led to the establishment of the current CCCP srl, set up by the founding members, a group of family members and former employees.

In the last decade, CCCP srl has broadened its horizons by adding more and more innovative products. These products are made with technical and performance fabrics which best meet the requirements of the working world. All of this while maintaining the original tailoring skills and respecting the standards of quality that have characterized and distinguished this company over 30 years, and that will always be at the core of any future activities.