C.C.C.P. : Leading manufacturer of professional clothing.

suits and uniforms for employees of public and private.
Since 1977, we meet the demands of customers.

Tradition, innovation and professionalism.
The ideal partner for all industrial laundries.

Products are designed to withstand washing.
Create and design your desires.

Development of models and samples according to customer needs.
Made in Italy for the working world

Quality of materials, professional workforce, excellent in service for over 30 years.

Our Mission

C.C.C.P. srl provides for the working world, producing uniforms and clothing for public as well as private sectors where personnel are required to wear a uniform in order to carry out their duties.

The company has been heading in the same the direction for over 30 years, that of ensuring customer satisfaction. In this respect, our company has always stood out for its research work, innovation, choice of materials and willingness to customize the product. We are well aware that just by maintaining a high level of quality we have the chance to remain competitive in these challenging times.

Among our most prized lines, our tailor made uniforms stand at the forefront. They are made by our most highly qualified staff on the premises, where we also have a sector for design which allows us to develop new models and samples. Consequently, besides offering tailor-made uniforms, we can also customize all types of clothing (shirts, uniforms, knitwear in general - polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces) to satisfy all customer needs.
Products are sold not just through our catalogue, but also directly through the production of customised items, even in small quantitites, with the guarantee that they are made in italy.

Another important company trait is its search for highly skilled, reliable partners in order to obtain the best raw materials. in particular, the recent increase in work with industrial laundry companies and the need to ensure products resistant to high temperatures and long wash cycles has led us to choose specially credited suppliers.

Thanks to the combined work of our professional team and the upkeep of company standards, we are by now a trusted, influential figure in an increasingly demanding, dynamic market. we are ready to face the challenges of the global market, to take new paths and gain international experience in order to secure and expand our presence in europe.